Mif2Go and FM 2015

The following is an email thread from the Framers list. Copied here for the benefit of others. I will update with additional information as the story unfolds. If someone is willing to write up more useful instructions, please contact me.

 On 4/23/16 10:43 PM, Syed Zaeem Hosain wrote:

And just to remind people of the specifics: there is a zip file “m2rbook115.zip” in the mif2go.com downloads site, under “Beta Components”.

This ZIP contains a single DLL file called “m2rbook.dll” that must replace the older one (typically in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\AdobeFrameMaker12\fminit\Plugins”) for FM 12 to work.

I am not sure why this simple fix works yet. The code contents are essentially identical to the old one … the properties on the version number are the only difference that I can see with a byte-for-byte comparison.

Some investigation is needed to see if this will work for FM 2015 or needs another fix. Since I am not running FM 2015, I cannot test this.

 On 4/23/16 11:37 PM, Syed Zaeem Hosain wrote:

Okay, I did a little digging in the source code for m2rbook … and think his last fix (as per my earlier e-mail below) may work for FM 2015 … but am not really sure yet!

In one file, where Jeremy checked for the FrameMaker version number returned by the Adobe FDK, he had code to do a specific check for the version of FM.

From what I can tell so far, the last change he made for FM 12 stopped doing an explicit check for an exact version for FM 12 and above.

I.e., the code says “if (FrameVersion >= 12) {“ rather than the other ones that look like “if (FrameVersion == 11) {“ and “if (FrameVersion == 10) {“, etc. This variable is set by a call to the Adobe FDK and I assume that FM 2015 returns the value 13 (but this is a guess).

This means that he was assuming, for the moment, that the next version of FrameMaker did not need any special code (he had not seen FM 2015, of course …)

So … I think it may work. But, please try it and let me know! If it does not, I will investigate further.

By the way, one side note: it looks like the very last release of Mif2Go will not work with versions older than FM 7 … even though Mif2Go was available for FM 5.5 and FM 6. It is possible that Jeremy took the code support for those older versions away, since nobody(?) was using them by 2013.

 On 4/24/16 6:55 AM, John Sgammato wrote:

I have the m2rbook.dll in place.

The issue that I run into is a familiar one, and infuriatingly vague. It’s a “could not write .mif” issue. I have seen this before and resolved it for FM12. I expect I can do it again when I have some time later this week or next week.

In case you want to research it, here’s the log. The book is well-formed unstructured FM 2015, cleaned up for online use. It has just four chapters, none of them very large, and no special tricks.

Mif2Go could not write
Mif2Go failed for file:
type 5, code -43, at: Sun Apr 24 09:50:05 2016
Could not write MIF file.

Mif2Go could not write
Mif2Go failed for file:
type 5, code -43, at: Sun Apr 24 09:50:09 2016
Could not write MIF file.

Mif2Go failed for file:
type 6, code 0, at: Sun Apr 24 09:50:11 2016
Cancelled by user.

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